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With 15+ years of experience in Technology and Design, we bring value whether we implement your entire project from idea to launch, or just plug into your existing team in any of the below areas of expertise.

  • ​Logo Designbranding

    Your logo is the most important messenger of the spirit of your brand or product. We can create a new logo or bring your existing one up to date.

  • ​Print DesignBranding

    Almost everything today is online. However, print still exists. We are experts - from business cards, brochures, and ads to billboards and banners.

  • ​Icon DesignBranding

    Your product icon is important to grab attention and convey your brand. We can create product icons for any platform - iOS, Android or web.

  • ​WireframingUX

    We convert your ideas into visual sketches so that we all can understand the final product. This saves tons of money on otherwise inevitable changes to the final designs, or god forbid, re-programming.

  • ​App & Web UI DesignUI

    We convert your wireframes into contemporary pixel-perfect UI designs using Sketch. We can also manage the process with your developers of transferring the visuals into code.

  • ​PrototypingUX

    Interactive prototypes breathe life into static designs, allowing you to obtain accurate user feedback before you invest time and money in programming. Prototypes are also very effective as life-like demos to potential investors.

  • ​Website DesignUI

    Everyone builds apps but the web is here to stay. We can design and build anything from simple 1-page websites, to CMS-driven sites, to web apps.

  • ​App & Web DevelopmentDev

    We employ various mobile and web technologies and APIs to build your front-end and back-end. If you have your own developers, we can manage the implementation of our designs to ensure UX & UI translates into a final product tap for tap and pixel for pixel.

About Us

We are designer + developer studio based in Chicago & Sofia. We work online and worldwide to deliver function and aesthetics for clients big and small. We partner with a battle-tested professional network if needed.

  • Sve Lukov, Graphic Designer
  • Sve Lukov

    I am a graphic and UI designer by trade and education. My experience spans working with both large European corporations and US technology startups.

    Whether I am designing an app UI for a 2 person startup or creating a Porsche Design ad, I am guided by the balance of color, space and simplicity to create what I call "breathing" designs.

    Design is like magic and my magic wands are the pencil and the mouse. However, Bruno the vizsla is my biggest helper.

  • George Alexandrov

    My 15+ years of hands-on experience spans back and front-end development and UI design. I have worked for award-winning technology startups, one of which is a Techstars graduate. As a result, I know how, where, and what technology should be optimally used.

    I strongly believe in wireframing and prototyping because the end product will hit closer to the target in the first version. I love exploring new technologies and chasing pixels with Boris the vizsla.

  • George Alexandrov, Front-End Developer & Product Designer

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